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I was searching for many years to find some meaning to my life when a series of events would lead me to Jacobus Stainer. Though I had no background in traditional violin making and never intended to become a violin maker, circumstance was to throw me into this craft wholeheartedly.  I had left my job as an engineer in 1987 to pursue a career in sculpting. I had enjoyed this activity for some 10 years as a hobby and decided to try to make a living at it.  I was Introduced to Stainer`s  work in1988 by a friend, who himself was a true Stainer fan. Intrigued by this instrument maker of antiquity,  I read more and the  emptiness in me was beginning to fill. I soon carved my first violin. The endeavor was to  completely change the direction of my life. From that day until 2012 I have devoted all my attention both physically and mentally to the understanding and production of Stainer`s instrument. This remarkable individual and the instruments he created were truly a marvel of human potential.

   Through Arts Grants from our Government, assistance from the Austrian Government, family and various commissioned works, I purchased  the proper materials required to produce 57 instruments. These violins; viewed positively in various print articles, TV  and local art galleries, have given me great satisfaction.  My violins are in the hands of  professional artists, one being Canadian recording artist Natalie Mac Master. One must understand that wealth and fame where never a motivating factor in my pursuit to understand this greatest of violin makers, and his instruments.                                                                                                                    
  Two years ago I acquired a computer from my son in law and have taught myself the principles needed to utilize this new technology. I am now able to inform the general violin playing population of the principle discovered  through my studies of these instruments.
   Educated primarily in Electromechanical engineering, I had worked in the electric generating field. With further studies of alchemy, physiology and psychology I reasoned out my techniques from which these instruments are the result. Had I not completed these 57 instruments, all this would be just more of the same rhetoric concerning this instrument maker of  Absam.     
 I have included various Biographies on Stainer  to demonsrate  the opinions  concerning the the life and times of this outstanding maker . You will find in the end that the truth is ,nobody nows much factual information ,just speculation You can find my videos at You Tube keyword RFPerras .