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                            TOP  PLATE
                                 Top plate,Stainer Replica in the the process of being carved . More below.

 Hand carved Top Plate from German Spruce.Cut in 2001, this top exemplifies the technique I use in sculpting
the instrument.The two dimensional base is created as the form is being carved , one necessities both projections as one is the reference for the other. Spacial relationships which appear as a result of this cut
could not have been achieved by any other non mechanical means. The process of insertion cutting presses
the wood with each cut . This results in a type of tempering which increases the specific gravity of the the final plate. Traditional methods incorporate  palm planes to remove the wood in shaping the top . This method
imparts small amounts of energy of the shearing type which causes little change to the specific gravity of the
piece.   The Bass bar is actually the template for the correct alinement of the form.Within the design of
this bar lies the key to the shape of the plate.As for Bass bar  construction, I will speak of this aspect latter as for now  I shall say that the bars tap note is :A: wt. 5 grams.
The tope plate is the primary source which initiates the vibration that  will ,  in sympathy , bring all multiples of the initial vibration into sympathetic harmony as many different shapes resonate in sympathy . Sound , light ,
electromagnetic  vibrations and electron spins are all located some where on the electromagnetic spectrum
as is cosmic radiation.Multiples of the original note all resonate in sympathy with the bass note.
The boot sizes for the violin top above came from dimensions I took off my head. Sounds crazy but in 1669
it was heretical. The violin enclosure is the same volume as your skull.Play a violin and sense these vibrations.
Again in sympathy you resonate in harmony providing the instrument is so designed.
   SENN & ROY describes  over 100 authenticated Stainer Violins .The first thing you notice is that no two Stainers listed have the same boot measurments.I will post these measurements at a later time..

     The scroll of the violin plays its part in this sympathy with the autonomy of the inner ear.The cochlea can
perceive sounds ranging from 50 HZ. to 20,000 Hz.The Violin can produce notes in the same range.Again
in sympathetic resonation the player not only hears but also feels the played note in sympathy with the vibrating
scroll. Look at this drawing of the inner ear ,notice anything!!!