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Violin Age Determined

Over the past 375 years the Violin has undergone many changes ,resulting in what we today recognize as a violin .The evolution of this unique instrument can be broken down into eras ,each bringing with it specific modifications . Even the Stradivarian we use as todays standard model,  (which brought more practicality than perfection,to serve an ever  changing demand of larger orchestrations)  barley resembles Stradivarians original models.                                                                                                      
     Stainers Violins present an interesting problem in identification.From early after Stainers death ,his instruments where the first to be copied as his was the dominant model for the next 160 years .The first counterfeit labels where being made ,thanks to the newly developed printing press,of Stainer typed labels .Stainer never used typed labels ,but with so few originals ,surprisingly  todays starving market has now endorsed the belief that Stainer did use typed labels ,Always good to have a good supply for the violin auction business .Regardless ,the fact remains that the first industrialization of the violin, in Germany (circa 1700)was set up to manufacture Stainers ,again the most popular violin of the day.As shops where being set up through out Germany and Austria ,influences in style where unique to each shop .Stainer himself unwittingly or not was responsible ,having never  made two instruments the same exact sizes .This created the variety of models one sees today .Many of these old copies are quite valuable.
  As a Violin Maker ,specializing in Stainer Violins ,I have devoted all my time and energies over the last 18 years in the pursuit of understanding this maker and his instruments .Such joy in creating 48 Stainer replicas .This merely a result of my captivation with this artist.
I have over the years enjoyed researching Stainer violins for individuals .Age ,origin,and possible value can be determined with proper digital photos.If you would like to have your Stainer evaluated I do offer the service .To date I have Located 3 original Stainers that where sold at auction for 150,000 , 94,000 and 34,000 Though rare some are still unaccounted for.If you would like your Stainer Violin evaluated by myself ,please .mailto:r.perras@sympatico.ca for details and photo requirements. FEE $55.00 Pay Pal or Postal Money order

For a donation of $ 55.00 to this site ,you will recieve a full evaluation of your instrument as a gift
For a donation of $ $70.00 you will recieve as a gift ,one full Evaluation of your instrument, ,2 cds ,one with 50 pictures of Authentic Stainers 25 color and 25 Black and white Photo, the other CD with 14 tracks of baroque music played on Authentic Stainer Instruments approx, 30 minutes of clasical baroque music CONTACT stainerjacobus@gmail.com