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Baroque Violin
Violins built from approximately 1570 to1760 are all categorized  by what is commonly referred to as the Baroque Violin period . Characteristics of all Violins built during this time  are, Straight to the body neck with no angle ,Wedged finger board to allow for height requirements over plate ,gut strings ,shorter bass bar and an end tail attached differently . The baroque violin in setup, is representative of the requirements of the instrument to adequately deliver the desired vioce.Each component balancing out the tensions on theBaroque instrument . Most Baroque Violins today have been altered to meet the requirements of today's Violin I would say the changes where not as a result  of some defect of the original design but merrily as a result of changing music styles .As with any change something of the original is lost .What Bach heard when composing on his Stainer violin in Baroque set up ,is quite different than is heard when the same piece is played  on today's instrument .It is believe the original Baroque Violin setup was more in tune with  the audio receptors in the human ear and corresponding brain functions.Just my opinion.In the end ,the one that knows what a violin is will not have to wonder if somehow one has missed the boat and is merely a music technician, as I see electric violins based entirely on 1`s and 0`s. Yes very intuitive, good example of just why the violin has been altered to meet a present demand .The Violin will eventually evolve back to its original so new Bach`s and Mozarts can emerge.

Baroque Violin Set-up pieces available -Ebony and Maple Finger Boards and End Tails for details and prices